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Once you get this, you have to say five things about yourself, publicly, then send this to ten of your favourite followers. Have fun!!

Oh hey, I love these!

1. I am Sam, and I’m a huge Superman fan but prefer marvel.
2. I have a medical alert tattoo on my upper arm (I’m allergic to penicillin).
3. I can play the piano, and try to teach myself. I’m also the worlds worst procrastinator so this goes about as expected.
4. I love reading, but especially love reading stories where care has been taken to write multi-faceted characters who experience growth.
5. I’ve lost about 13 kilos now so that I can join the defence force. I really miss fried food, but the fact that I’ve dropped two sizes has been totally worth it.


So last night cops arrested 7 protesters, then turned to the rest of the protesters and told them “we’ll release them without bond if you leave (stop protesting)”

They literally turned their own dubiously legal arrests into a hostage situation. They took hostages. Ferguson PD is a terrorist organization and they aren’t even trying to hide that fact any more.

Look at this


You can donate to protesters’ legal defense and bail here

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